Jul 11 2010
Coastal Angler Magazine March 2009 Coastal Angler Magazine March 2009

Field Test – Dolphin Electreel

By Stan Manley

Recently, I received a request from Coastal Angler Magazine to condust a field test on Dolphin Reel’s Electric Penn 70′ deep drop reel. Tha’s like saying, “Would you like to get paid to go fishing!” I was unfamiliar with the Dolphin, even though they’re a Florida Company.

Electric Reels are a great invention. When used in offshore deep dropping, it can be difference between the ability to fish an area or not. Reeling up a 3-lb weight 1000 feet down, just to check your bait, can be frustrating, and when reeling a 30-lb grouper from 1000-freed can be downright exhausting. The following field test was conducted outside of Marsh Harbor Bahamas through a fairly rigorous examination.

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