About Us

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our greatest products Dolphin Whisenhunt® Electric motor drives for Penn® International, Penn® Senator and Shimano Tiagra A fishing reels with manual override.

Dolphin Electreel has been researching and developing our unique motorized fishing reels for 24 years. Production is an obvious compliment to our parent company’s 28-year involvement in tooling and manufacturing. We are successfully producing the Dolphin Whisenhunt® model to a high quality standard.

Dolphin Electreel Inc. manufactures a quality product backed by one-year warranty. The feedback we have been receiving from distributors, dealers and fishermen is very positive and we are extremely exited to have reached a milestone of 24 years of production and increases in our customer base since inception.

We will continue to provide exceptional service and a great product. We motorize your new & used Penn® International, Penn® Senator, Shimano Tiagra Reels. All of our manufactured parts are made in the USA. Our goal is to continue to produce a high-quality product for you and for your customers.

Dolphin Whisenhunt Electric fishing reels are designed for most anglers with physical limitations or challenged such as disabilities, disabled, handicap, handicapped and the physically challenged.

Using our manual over-ride crank handle you get the incredible stopping power of Shimano and Penn star drag systems.